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As the crow flies

Public space sound installation

Hussigny, border Luxembourg/France

With Luxembourg Capital of Culture, commissioned by Agence Borderline.

As the crow flies is a sound installation. The project was a commission for Luxembourg European Capital of Culture, where the Agence Borderline invited several artists to intervene in abandoned frontier posts.


Three loudspeakers affixed to the roof of a former post, broadcast voice announcements from the Luxembourg’s airport. Different ways of crossing borders coexist in the installation. Setting frontiers is the act of creating an elsewhere of which the posts are the physical mark. By contrast, in the air travel the link with the passage is abstract. The airport is a conventional site replacing the frontier. Borders move from the physical space to the symbolic one. From the visible to the invisible.

The work questions the vestiges of European borders, the processes of reconfiguration of territories, where cultural identity-making narratives and their political agendas, such as the European project, can only collapse into the contradictions of their constructed paradigms.

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