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Private colloquies on a public sculpture

Artist book
In the frame of the project
De Sokkel #5

With The Middelheim Museum and AIR Antwerpen

Private colloquies on a public sculpture is an artist book published in the frame of the project De Sokkel #5.

The booklet traces the chronology of the project’s process, through a collection of the manifold conversations that took place in private and are here reported as anonymous.

The interactions with the Indian Community and a number of further actors involved often took the shape of a dialogue of the deaf. They evolved through infinite digressions where the primary matter was lost. The questions that were raised concerned issues of collective representations and their perceptions, where the notion of ‘other’ was ever-present.

"My pre-conceived ideas encountered the pre-conceived ideas of others. I searched for more pre-conceived ideas to join before and after the project will be displayed. So that the original question on the perception of monuments would not find an answer, but a number of interpellations." (from 'Public colloquies on a public sculpture').

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